Thursday, February 09, 2006


I'm here, and in love again already (just shy of the 7 hour in country mark)

Carrie Bradshaw said it, and yes i am ruining this page as having any literary credit, but its all i can think of: if you only get one great love than the city is mine.

of course the city she is referring to is my home city and the city i'm referring really a country--but the point is made, no?

if you all would come, if they would let me stay---if only one or the other i would have an impossible choice to make. but for now, i am here, and like i told ms. rae my friends and family will have to be satisfied with SMS and email (perhaps an occasional call). no matter how hard it is to get on the plane every time, it turns out that when i arrive it dawns on me that i have longed for this country since i left. And while I am here I long for you all, as well...


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