Tuesday, February 27, 2007

For Adam and Wangyel, with love

For once in my life, it isn't me who is going.
For once in my life, my friends are walking away from me.

For the smiles they caused and the laughter they've illicted, for too many drunk nights, and not enough hung-over brunches. For every conversation we've shared and study-break we created. For every coffee and lunch or cross-campus walk. Every dirty joke, bad joke, book reccomendation or philosphy. A million indulgences and countless memories. These two fantastic friends deserve nothing short of everything they've ever wanted.

To laugh and smile and drink just one more time we gathered at Chris and Clint's place in Belco for a SURPRISE farewell.

To two of the kindest men I've ever known, goodbye.

Silly faces from the pretty girls

Peace, love, and confusion?

Oh Hood, why didn't you just say no to signing your head?
Before Jake could comment on what he'll miss he had to first pull my shirt off...
ADAM and WANGYEL--our leaving boys


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