Sunday, September 03, 2006

CRIKEY! the croc hunter is gone

Widely reported and causing grief and shock amongst foreigners and aussies alike, this freak accident has the nation talking.

I encountered steve Irwin in my semester in Adelaide. We were discussing stereotypes of Australian men and my teacher asked me to illuminate for the tutorial participants what Americans think about Australian men. I had only been in the country a few weeks and had never really pondered the "stereotypcial aussie bloke" before. As I struggled to find the words an aussie bloke spoke up from the back. "Don't you think we're all crocodile hunting Steve Irwin's?" he asked, pretty sure that that would jog my memory. Perhaps that resonates with some, however, Steve Irwin was not a name which would have otherwise crossed my mind. "No," I replied, "we think you're all surf bums!"

Despite my ignorace (or insight) and whether or not American's believe the entire male population to resemble this man, he is, in fact, a national symbol and a national legend.,23599,20349888-2,00.html


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