Monday, August 21, 2006

the capital city has no coast or int'l airport--but the weekend getaway is good

as pictures from the fabulous GSIA costal getaway come in from our diligent photographers the choicest ones will make their way to y'all. sadly my camera stayed at the very bottom of my HUGE ass weekend bag and so i am relying on the kindness (and timeliness) of the rest of the crew to send them along. That water should make those of you who aren't here long for your much anticipated vacations to visit me! and of course, it makes us all long for a location better than canberra :)

dharini with the frisbee and the hat Martin and the gorgeous whitesand beach
me and molly in the front, charlotte, allens, and ewan in the back
allens lost the frisbee and jake, oh-so-baywatch-esque went searching
kjersti enjoyed the view, the sun, and a coffee


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