Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cheeky Pugnacity

Ohh I'm up for a fight. But not the right fight, and not the good fight.

I have a teacher here who called me pugnacious the other day in class. I wasn't there ( i attend the evening class) but the students who were there maintain that it wasn't a vicious comment, it was probably a poor word choice. He probably meant 'fiesty' but he said pugnacious, and now, here I am, ready for a fight.

I'm fighting with my own destructive desire to blow off his paper. For reasons other than the poor word choice to be sure, but I'm not finding the motivation to blow him away with my paper. I've got 11 days to write the best 5000 words he's ever seen and I can't even sit at the computer at get 100 pinned down.

So even though I want to fight with my professor, i'm fighting with myself instead to find the motivation, fighting to remember this isn't about IR its about PR, fighting to remember that i don't care what he thinks, I care what I think. But i think I'm tired, and a little burned out. I think I'm running on empty. I think i'll have to remind myself more than once that the fight I'm down for, the only fight I'll win, is the one with myself, cause fighting with him won't get me very far.


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