Sunday, May 07, 2006

3 papers and 2 exams to go

This is dharini excited by having found one of the easter eggs in the hunt (SHE hid them)

Me and tara and some of the boys from DFAT after a day at the horse races

Cody and I on a random person's motorcycle

The crew from the easter brunch

Ashild, me, phil, and jan--last one of the W & W i swear!

yes, its true this is merely a form of procrastination, but here are some pictures (a bit out of date as they are mostly from easter and our break, and even one more from the infamous wig and wine party of so long ago) but just to keep you posted on our antics!


At 6:04 PM, Blogger Cody said...

Is it necessary to have that picture of my baggy-ass jeans, Joanna? I look like an old man. Can you slice me out of the picture?

Mrs. Fingerbottom


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