Sunday, June 04, 2006

Holidays and Adieu's

Cody's birthday found us out and about in the same bar as the Adelaide Army Rugby Team. This man was put in charge of "policing" the behaviour of his teammates in their drunken rowdiness. He did and excellent job--hence--The Sheriff.

This man managed to screw up during the days game, yet for some reason all this meant was that he was forced to wear this amazing headdress and his teammates were to buy him drinks all night. The Sheriff told me I could wear the headdress, and I even got a free drink!
Cody, Didrik, and Chen at the begining of Friday night's drinking marathon in honor of Phil's departure.
This is the view from Mount Ainslie. You can see the "perfect design" of Canberra. That road of red is called Anzac Parade and at one end is the War Memorial and across the lake is the Parliment House. The tomb of the unknown solider, commemerating all those Australian soliders who have been killed in service of australia lies in a direct line to the door of parliment house.
And brett, the dirty backpacker, and I are blocking the view of "perfect canberra" with our big heads!!
From my miniature holiday from school work, to a final farewell outing with phil, its been a quite the week. Also, i'm procrastinating actually writing my final paper, which, as it turns out, is worth 50 % of my grade for this course. BLECH.

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