Sunday, October 15, 2006

who gets anything for two dollars?

so my trip to vietnam.malaysia/singapore/cambodia/india/bhutan/nepal/uzbekistan/hawaii/rome seemingly is going to manifest itself into a trip to vietnam (b/c we can find cheap airfare) and then really to cambodia. For $AUD 1000 we can make it return Sydney to Saigon (yeah Ho Chi Min City just doesn't sound as good) and then for $US 12 dollars we can catch a bus from saigon to pheom penh from which we can hop a boat tour to siam reap and angkor wat.

i checked out some site to see how much accomdation and all that good stuff and they say reasonable accomodation is between $US 2 and 6 a night...that's pretty sick.

so anyone out there been to vietnam/cambodia give us suggestions!!!


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