Sunday, October 15, 2006


If Australian advertising is entertaining, perhaps the exact opposite of their movies is true...

I watched the Japanese Story the other night. Toni Collette is in it along with heaps of unfamous actors of various quality. The movie is set in the Australian outback and its funded by, none other than the Australian Lottery Commission! I jest. Its actually quite a story and very Australian in its perception. True to form its filled with stereotypes that are blatant. There is no apologies or excuses or dancing around stereotypes (offensive as they are to some.) That is not the Australian way. Obviously these stereotypes focus on the Asian cultures which surround Australia both geographically and within their daily lives in the country! Anyhow, the plot proceeds in the most "un-american" way, killing off an important character and focusing on stoic faces, tears sliding down cheeks, and awkward out of body moments in hotel rooms. I can't ruin the story for you but ultimatley the cinematography is gorgeous and the acting is strange but not wholly unappealing. The script leaves something to be desired when you first encounter it, but like much in Australia it grows on you, seeps into your skin and holds on tighter than you'd imagine. Isn't that the Australian way? I've got an Australian man like that too, but that is another story...


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