Sunday, July 30, 2006

24 years old

Allanah and Morgan turned 24 this week and so we celebrated with them. Dinner, drinking, and dancing commenced, as per usual...

L-R: Christine's boyfriend (adelaide), Christine (seattle), Dharini (london) at Niche

American's who studied in New London (jeff)
kiwi/south african chris smiles for the camera
me and cody
chen and allanah telling secrets!

those of you who know that the "good stuff" is conspicuously absent--good on ya! I've got it quarentined if you want to see it :)

debauchery is back

congregating at Blair street to celebrate the end of a lease and the begining of a south east asian journey!

Tamas and I pondering our common ancestory :)
L-R Jan (shying away from "posed pictures") Hood, Luke, Andreas, Cody
I found a mexican hat which necessitated a picture--so we posed!
Adam contemplates how much fake money he's willing to bet at poker
Motorcycle, bicycle helmet...good times
a sucessful thursday!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

in no particular order, with no particular orientation--tahitian and australian adventures

seal pup at seal bay, kangeroo island
the view from the bed (that's Mo'orea in the distance) in our water bungalow in tahiti (those are my feet at the bottom)
one of the "snot-like" sting rays as seen from a safe distance, i.e. the boat
dad and i reliving the glory days of playgrounds in tamarama, sydney

in no particular order, in no particular orientation..cont'd

orange uluru at first light
me and mom freezing our butts off at uluru sunrise
dad, koala, mom at cleland in adelaide
mom and dad basking in the gorgeous sun in sydney harbour with the bridge behind and the opera house (unpictured) in front
mom's got crabs in stokes bay, kangeroo island

in no particular order, with no particular orientation ...

Dad, Ian Clarke, and Mom the one-match wonder at our bbq bush lunch
me at 2a millswood crescent!!!!
this guy would hold your hand as you fed him!!!
mom, me, and dad after rock scrambling on the remarkables
me feeding the big 'roo