Wednesday, May 23, 2007

negotiating the elements

The mini-bus and the group before leaving Coombs
The brightest triple rainbow I've ever seen
the grossest spider we found in the dining room
total fire ban? what?
big surf

Woah, down in mexico

L-R t-b: Cody, Chris, Miki, Dha, me, Chen--Rockstar style: Mos, Hats, and Wigs

Cody and the Fu-man-chu

Malula styling in the silver tinsle
Dharini rockin the red

12 Booderee street round 2

Miki and I post night-time swim

Miki and Co, toasting our nightime swim?
sunshine through the clouds on the way home

Jervis Bay: The remix

Dha, me and Clarie at a Bateman's Bay pitstop

First nights dinner ala chen
Dha, me and A in the turtle-shell chair
Carita and I finding the firewarning amusing
My smiley-faced breakfast pancakes!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Easter Eve/Easter Monday

Frolicking in the hay-house
Laying in the hay-house

Sunrise from the property
I want a cooooool rider!
Chen and me in the tractor bucket....

Easter Arvo

"I mean all i'm saying is: SHADY-BIZ."

"No, Seriously!"
Easter afternoon croquet
Ross and his roast
Easter-egg hunt number two in canberra

Australian Seder